Introducing our newest addition...

Welcome to the world little Beba Bean Blog! 

As part of our ongoing commitment to really connect with our parent fans, retailers and their communities we have added this new blog as a space to share all of the things that are important to us (and hopefully you!). 

We hope to give you an insight into our design inspiration, new products, promotions and Beba Bean news but we would also love to hear from you! 

If you are interested in being a contributing writer for our blog we are currently accepting submissions for the following categories: 

  • Modern Family Musings | A collection of stories from modern parents about issues that matter to them
  • Baby Style | A showcase for your stylish baby - inspiration, OOTD, all things fashion and style
  • Baby Fun | Recipes, crafts and activities you and your baby love
  • Favourite Retailers | Review your favourite local Beba Bean retailer
  • My Community | Show a little neighbourhood love! Mommy groups, activities, a day in the life, stores you adore

Contact with your post ideas!