About Us


LISA MALCIC - Designer & Co-owner

Born in Montreal, Canada and raised in the Toronto area, fashion has been a passion of Lisa's since she can remember. After her family moved to San Francisco as a teenager, Lisa became inspired by helping her mother, a boutique owner, merchandise, buy and retail woman's clothing.

This was the beginning of her fashion career. After attending Blanche MacDonald School of Design for Fashion Design, Lisa worked for many local design companies and also spent time in theatre and film, working in the costume departments. Although she loved collaborating with other visionaries, Lisa knew she wanted to return to her roots of owning her own company.

After the birth of her second child, a son, it was obvious that no products existed to specifically aid in the prevention of accidental wee-wee .

Peter (Lisa’s husband) first reacted with “there has to be something that can help?!” And so, the Pee-pee Teepee™ was born!

peter-beba-beanPETER MALCIC - CEO & Co-owner

Peter has always been influenced by the incredible success his father had running and operating his own company for over 30 years. Growing up with entrepreneurialism in his blood, he knew one day he would own his own company. Born and raised in Toronto, Peter studied business at York University. He worked in the tourism industry for many years in his passion for marketing.

Being an inventor by nature, the idea for the pee-pee teepee was just one of many but his business experience told him this was an idea to take to market. With overwhelming success from the beginning, the pee-pee teepee is selling strong after 16 years on the market. It is truly a testimonial to the product.

With the success of the Pee-pee Teepee, Lisa and Peter started designing more products with the philosophy— adorable meets practical.

The name ‘Beba’ comes from Peter’s European background and added ‘Bean’ (to represent a newborn in the womb) to form Beba Bean. The line now includes knitwear, blankets, shoes, toys and over 27 styles of pee-pee teepees. The company philosophy is dedicated to create innovative products that babies love and parents can’t live without.